Voters choose ‘Kenji’ as new name for snow leopard cub at Seneca Park Zoo

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— Everybody, meet Kenji, Kenji, everyone.

Yes, due to in part to votes from the community, the snow leopard cub at the Seneca Park Zoo will officially be known as "Kenji", County Executive Adam Bello announced Saturday.

The name, which means “strong” in Himalayan, was picked from a wide pool that was eventually whittled down to three names. Ultimately, Kenji was voted above Tashi (which means “Good luck/fortune” in Tibetan), and Sabu (which means “snow leopard” in Tibetan).

The "strong" meeting is fitting for the cub, considering he was born battling an infection, and at the time, organizers said it had a “tough road” ahead. Kenji had to be separated from his mother, Timila.

Now, organizers say he has grown into a "normal, healthy, happy" cub.