Weather In-Depth: Front with an impact

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Remember these fun times? When you look at a roller coaster you are going up and down. It can be a lot of fun! But maybe when you’re talking about the temperature, in the winter, in particular, that is when it is going to be a challenge.

In the short term, we see the temperature on the upswing. That will be due to this warm front. You see the red line, right here. If you get on the other side of the red line the temperatures are going into the 60s, especially when you get down into portions of Ohio. And that mild air is definitely moving into Western New York. But we are saying this is going to be a front, and specifically a cold front, that has an impact. You can see that on one side of the front the temperature is going to be in the 60s and 70s. Think of it almost like a fence or a barrier in the atmosphere. You get on the other side of the front and the temperature will drop into the 40s and even down into the 30s. So this is really going to be the difference between the two seasons. Unseasonably warm weather on one side and unseasonably cold air on the other side of the front.

So you know what is going to happen? Right now temperatures — at least for now — are going to be very mild through the overnight. We may see the temperature near 60 or exceeding 60°, but when the cold front goes by you can see the drop-off. The temperature, as we go through tomorrow is going to fall. And let us just say it is going to be pretty dramatic!

And the question will be, is it going to be cold enough for lake effect and maybe lake effect snow?