What is that? Salon says, ‘a garbage plate’

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Rochesterians all know what a garbage plate is.

While we all have our different preferred spots, when we think of a plate, we tend to know what we’re getting.

A Salon.com recipe for a “garbage plate’ is causing a stir on Twitter, though — using tater tots over home fries and including… green onions?

To be fair, the author acknowledges that she "radically" eats hers in a bowl because she finds it more efficient.

Still, people aren’t too happy.

One Twitter user said "Garbage plates are to be served on paper plates. […] What is this chicken concoction in the clay dish?"

Another said, "Rochesterian here…So glad to see so many others dunking on this nonsense."

And, one user believes the author just wants an invite to a Rochester Red Wings’ "Plate Night" next season.

Our own Executive Producer even chimed in, simply, “Delete this”.

We asked our Twitter followers if they thought it was a garbage plate. They weren’t convinced either.