What should you do in an active shooting situation?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — After last week’s deadly shooting rampage at a Buffalo supermarket, and now a terrifying active shooter false alarm in Chili, one expert says he’s ready to offer help and counsel for people hoping to stay safe.

“So we’re looking at safety and survival in an active shooter event,” explained Paul Cypher’s with Cypherworks. His business offers training, and access to training videos, for dealing with potentially deadly situations. The latest shooter false alarm in Chili fits right in with the level of alarm he sees.

“We work with a lot of schools, YMCAs, zoos, aquariums, cultural institutions,” he said. “And there’s a general fear around whether anybody could be a victim of this now. There’s no sense or rhyme or reason.”

If an active shooting situation erupts, Cypher refers to the FBI’s suggestions:

If you can, run. If you can’t run, hide. If hiding doesn’t work, prepare to fight as a last resort.

But before anything happens, know your ways out of a public place, and be aware of people around you acting strange.

What should we be watching out for? Look for people who may be have suspicious behavior. Who may be covering themselves up with a big jacket when it’s warm outside,” he suggested.

Cypher normally deals with large, public, institutions but he says he wants small businesses to take advantage of these lessons too.
…and for people not to hesitate to sound the alarm before tragedy strikes.

“Hopefully it’s not going to be somebody who has ill intent,” he said. “But, it’s better for the authorities to be where that person, be able to talk to him. Question him. Find out what their intentions are.”