What’s next for the officers who responded to the former Greece PD chief’s crash?

GREECE, N.Y. (WHEC) — News10NBC took a look at one big question: "What will happen to the officers who responded to the drunk driving crash involving former Police Chief Andrew Forsythe?"

Thursday afternoon we learned that disciplinary action or demotions have been recommended by Special Investigator Joseph Morabito against these sworn officers.

This is the way it breaks down. Three of the 10 officers have been exonerated in this investigation. The other seven now face some form of punishment for failing to follow procedures and protocol.

On the same day Greece police officers learned about their fate stemming from former Chief Forsythe’s crash on I-390 back in October, Forsythe appeared in Ogden Town Court where he pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired, and leaving the scene of property damage accident.

"I’m embarrassed, ashamed, and most importantly disappointed in myself," Forsythe said.

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said back on Oct. 20, Forsythe drank at least six drinks at a hotel bar before he tried to drive home. Forsythe crashed into a guardrail on 390 in Greece.

"There aren’t words that can express the sorrow that I feel in my heart," Forsythe said. "I’ve made decisions, actions that occurred on Oct. 21 that not only affected me, but so many others that depended on me, and entrusted me."

Besides apologizing to his family, and friends the 30-year police veteran apologized to the law enforcement community.

"I brought negative attention to a profession that I truly loved. To the men, and women who wear the badge, I’m sorry. We are, and should be held to a higher standard," Forsythe said.

Forsythe was offered and pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired instead of driving while intoxicated. DA Sandra Doorley explained why this was a fair resolution of this case.

"Do I think that he was intoxicated that night, I absolutely do, but when you think about the burden that I have proof beyond a reasonable doubt to prove intoxication, a legal level of intoxication it wasn’t there," Doorley said.

Forsythe also apologized to the officers who responded to the crash scene saying, "To those that were affected in the accident that I was in, I am heartbroken for you, and your families for my poor decision that has ended up putting you in this situation."

The Greece Town Board voted on and accepted Special Investigator Morabitio’s disciplinary recommendations against the seven remaining officers.