We know the best questions are often your questions because it's what YOU want to know! Nothing is too big or too small so just ask Pat. He'll get the answer because what you're wondering is no doubt a good question.
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Good Question: Can you get ticketed for a peeling license plate?

Good Question: Can you get ticketed for a peeling license plate?

Good Question: Are you being 'framed'?

Good Question: Are you being 'framed'?

Good Question: Is the Erie Canal clean or contaminated?

Good Question: Are some local stores putting you in danger?

Good Question: Why is your dog better protected than you?

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Good Question: Is your reusable grocery bag carrying germs?

A lot of you are using reusable shopping bags these days, but do they have hidden dangers...

Good Question: Should you pull over for volunteer firefighters?

You know to pull over when fire trucks are racing to the scene of a fire, but should there be a law requiring you to pull over for volunteer firefighters...

Good Question: Paying more at the pump? It could be where you live

Have you noticed that gas prices are all over the place? There are big price differences, all based on where you live...

Good Question: Why are Gas Pump Hold Clips Illegal?

Is an old law outdated? Pat Taney was asked that for this week's Good Question report.

Good Question: Is Bass Pro Shops coming to Victor or not?

Big news on a local multi-million dollar development project in Victor...


Good Question: Do pedestrian 'walk' buttons actually work?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you push those walk buttons at intersections...

Good Question: Where did all of the trees go?

A lot of you noticed something strange on the New York State Thruway in our area...

Good Question follow-up: Changes to Adopt-a-Highway program?

In last week's Good Question report, Pat Taney was asked about Monroe County's Adopt-a-Highway program and why it is so expensive to enroll...

Good Question: Why is it so difficult to adopt a highway?

Have you ever wanted to adopt a highway? In Monroe County, you might be shocked to hear what it takes.

Good Question: A winter law that's tough to enforce?

It's a state law that a lot of people are breaking and it could cause you to wreck your car..,

Good Question: Are people abusing service dog laws?

Good Question: Are people abusing service dog laws?

Good Question: You've been deported. Now what?

Good Question: Would you pay $58 to travel one mile?

Good Question: Doggy distraction? Should there be a law against pets on drivers' laps?

Good Question: Sam's Club members, were you shortchanged?

Good Question: Is it a 90,000-lb. distraction on the roads?

Good Question: Is Rochester still going after unpaid red light tickets?

Good Question: What's Going on With Those Traffic Cameras?

Good Question: When is Crime Stopper's reward money denied?

Good Question: Taxing the Trash?