Too many New Yorkers are tired of saying goodbye to family and friends who can no longer afford to call this state home. The high taxes, excessive regulations, and corruption in state government are causing more people to flee New York faster than any other.

New Yorkers deserve better and home is worth fighting for. That's why New York State Exposed exists.

NYS Exposed: Taxpayer funded mailings come close to election time

NYS Exposed: Taxpayer funded mailings come close to election time

NYS Exposed: Contracts expose costs of FLX Welcome Center; $1,014 for a 10'' frame

NYS Exposed: Contracts expose costs of FLX Welcome Center; $1,014 for a 10'' frame

NYS Exposed: Taxpayer-funded mailers, ads praise Cuomo ahead of primary

NYS Exposed: Agency that suspended Astacio cash strapped, NYS to find millions to investigate bad prosecutors

NYS Exposed: NYS to spend $5.5 million to investigate bad prosecutors

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NYS Exposed: Cuomo critics say Rochester, upstate, will bear burden for L.I.,N.Y.C. wind power

New York government watchdogs raised alarms over the state’s plans to pay for new offshore wind turbines...

NYS Exposed: An inside look at legal sports betting

Legal sports betting is coming to New York...

NYS Exposed: Impact of ride-sharing on taxi industry

The taxi industry spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting ride-sharing in New York State, saying it would cripple their business...

NYS Exposed: State DOL reviews wage increase proposal for tipped workers

The livelihood for thousands of local workers rests in the hands of the New York State Department of Labor...

NYS Exposed: Local companies could soon get fair treatment in international marketplace

Two local companies, a combined $50-million in lost revenue, and a huge portion of their businesses gone...


NYS Exposed: New Yorkers pay highest 911 surcharge in the country

According to the state budget, New York collected $185 million from the 911 surcharge in 2016...

NYS Exposed: NY towns fight controversial wind turbine project

County lawmakers moved to provide extra financial aid for small towns struggling against a controversial wind turbine project...

NYS Exposed: Are you being overcharged on sales tax?

There’s a good possibility you may end up paying more in sales tax than you should...

NYS Exposed: Feds rule 'hemp not pot'

Advocates for hemp production in New York state declared that the state’s farmers are uniquely positioned to benefit from a possible change to federal marijuana policy...

NYS Exposed: Following the money to fight opioid crisis

New York State spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year fighting the opioid epidemic...

New York State Exposed: This is home

NYS Exposed Education: Take the Test special

New York State Exposed Special: Home is Worth Fighting For

NYS Exposed Special: Roland Williams: Unbreakable Belief

The Power of Choice: Watch the full special

NYS Exposed: New York's costly courts

NYS Exposed: New York's costly courts

NYS Exposed: Rocky start to lawmaker pay raises

NYS Exposed: Government groups push for 'database of deals'

NYS Exposed: Businesses call on lawmakers to stop construction of trash incinerator

NYS Exposed: Butler Correctional

NYS Exposed: Lawmakers on marijuana legalization

New York State Exposed: State sports betting could be closer to reality

NYS Exposed: Diverting 911 surcharge dollars

NYS Exposed: Who's buying your DMV information?

NYS Exposed: SUNY undergrads mandated to pay for sports