Deanna's Discoveries: Explaining the cancer diagnosis

News10NBC's Deanna Dewberry opens up about her battle with cancer

News10NBC's Deanna Dewberry introduces 'Deanna's Discoveries'

NYS Exposed: Are you being overcharged on sales tax?

NYS Exposed: Feds rule 'hemp not pot'

NYS Exposed: Following the money to fight opioid crisis

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Good Question: Why are traffic cameras still down?

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Good Question: Are you being 'framed'?

Inside the Evidence: Who killed an Irondequoit couple in 1980?

Inside the Evidence: Double murder in Irondequoit

Inside the Evidence Preview: Double murder in Irondequoit

Yogen Früz wins Rochester ROCs!

Three Heads Brewing wins Rochester ROCs!

Camp Stella Maris wins Rochester ROCs!