FBI re-creates decoy heads Alcatraz inmates used in escape

FBI re-creates decoy heads Alcatraz inmates used in escape

Police capture 'unruly' and 'uncooperative' runaway pig

Couple, homeless man accused of making up story that earned $400K in donations

Missing zoo meerkat case solved with 3 charged in Australia

Causing an uproar: Lion-car combo the latest in selfie bling

Disney World bans man who displayed Trump signs

Causing an uproar: Lion-car combo the latest in selfie bling

PARIS (AP) — When Paris police officers found a lion cub in a Lamborghini during a traffic stop this week, they exposed the tip of what animal campaigners say is a bizarre and disturbing new trend: People buying or renting cubs to take bling-bling selfie photos of themselves with a baby big cat.

Disney World bans man who displayed Trump signs

A man who displayed signs supporting Donald Trump is permanently not permitted at all Walt Disney World properties for violating the rules.

Man dressed as Fred Flintstone pulled over for speeding in footmobile

A Florida man dressed as a beloved cartoon character was pulled over just days after Halloween.,,

Police: Woman beat McDonald's manager over ketchup

Police are seeking a woman who pushed, punched and choked a McDonald's manager because she wanted ketchup...

National Grid to use 'noise cannon' to scare away crows

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (AP) — After all else failed, National Grid is bringing in a cannon to scare away the hundreds of crows that have been hanging around an electrical substation in Massachusetts.

Troopers escort runaway elephant back home

A 46-year-old elephant is back home safe and sound after she escaped from an animal sanctuary...

Crash sends deer into back of woman's SUV

HOWELL, N.J. (AP) — Police are praising a woman for avoiding tragedy after a deer crashed through her windshield and landed in the back passenger seat of her SUV.

Romanian man returns $100,000 found in secondhand cupboard

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A Romanian man was surprised to find 95,000 euros ($107,000) stashed inside a secondhand cupboard he'd bought — and promptly returned the money.

Runaway elephant returned to upstate New York sanctuary

WESTTOWN, N.Y. (AP) — An elephant that was burned by napalm during the Vietnam War has been returned to an upstate New York animal sanctuary after taking a late-night stroll.

Animal control officers, nearby helpers catch loose chicken

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A Maine animal control officer had been on a mission to find a loose chicken when he decided to whack a few branches, exposing a black fowl lurking below.

Officers catch huge lizard that terrified Florida neighbors

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — Florida authorities have caught a huge lizard that has terrified residents of a suburban Miami neighborhood for months.

What's in a number? Dutchman, 69, seeks age change to 49

UTRECHT, Netherlands (AP) — Self-styled positivity guru Emile Ratelband thinks age is just a number. And his is a number the Dutchman wants changed.