A week in, students still getting into new routine

Patrick Moussignac
Created: September 13, 2020 07:04 PM

WEBSTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — This school year is already turning into a wild and uneven one for Rochester area students as they come out of coronavirus lockdown.

Most schools in our region will be open this week. Some will be in person, some will be done remotely, and some will be a mixture.


The days of sending your young children to school at the same time in the morning and returning at the same time that afternoon is going to be drastically different this year, after all, as everyone deals with coronavirus and all of its safety protocols.

It's been a few days now since Nino and Natalia Morales started their new school year. Nino attends Spry Middle School in Webster, while Natalia attends the Academy of Health Sciences Charter School. 

Both have different school schedules. Nino has in-person classes on Mondays and Thursdays, and online classes on Wednesday. It's a schedule he's trying to get used to.

"They'll have Google Meet so it will be live, and on Tuesday and Friday they'll give you work any you'll do it," he says. "So that's the only thing that's a little overwhelming." 

Natalia's schedule is a traditional one, with 5-days of in-person classes. She prefers it for one reason.

"I want to see my friends," he says. 

Their mother Christina DeLeon tells News10NBC that she's just trying to juggle the difference in scheduling.

"With Natalia, it's easier to maintain 5-days a week. Get on the bus, get home at the same time. With Nino the on-days and off-days, and on his off-days he'll also start his Cameron Program in the city where he can go, and have a space to do his classwork," says DeLeon.

With all the safety protocols in place, Nino says socializing in school is far different than before. 

"Like, you'll see your friends in the halls and you'll talk to them, but lunch as well you can talk to your friends. They allow you to take off your mask while you eat. So you can sort of talk to your friends," he says. 

Their mom has this suggestion for other parents who are still concerned about sending their children back to school: educate yourself. 

"Go check the resources for yourself. There's the Department of Health. There's the Monroe County, there's the CDC. Don't go ahead and think that facts on Facebook are accurate, because it scares a lot of people, and it scares them into thinking I have to be home, or I'm a bad parent if I send my kids to school," says DeLeon.

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