Disconnect as districts say they did submit reopening plans after Cuomo says they didn't

Charles Molineaux
Created: August 10, 2020 05:05 PM

NEW YORK (WHEC) — Some Rochester area school districts say they're suffering a "disconnect" from the state when it comes to their plans to come out of coronavirus lockdown.

Monday Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that 107 school districts had not submitted their plans to reopen as they deal with concerns about COVID-19.

But school leaders say, yes, they have.


The governor says if those plans aren't filed by Friday, those school districts can't reopen. 

Webster's school superintendent says his district submitted its reopening plan at the end of July.

So does the superintendent of Palmyra-Macedon schools.

The plans are on their websites too.

Yet they're both on the list of school districts Gov. Cuomo's office says have not submitted reopening plans.

Victor is on that list as well.

It released a statement Monday saying its plan has been filed with the state.

The governor gave school districts until July 31 to spell out how they plan to reopen, covering issues like masks and social distancing, in-person versus remote learning and a mandate to have plenty of public communications with parents and teachers to go over how they're managing the process.

Palmyra-Macedon Superintendent Bob Ike says his plan is "deep" and thorough, was filed on time, and he's not sure where the disconnect is.

"Things happen and information gets lost. Or portals break down but I am certain that this will be worked out." Ike said. "Teachers and related service providers and staff and school leaders have been working really hard all summer to make that happen and we are in great shape."

A statement from Gov. Cuomo's office says some districts may not have sent their plans to the right place:

"Despite clear guidance provided to these schools, which included a link to the State Health Department portal, some districts in follow-up calls said they filed with the State Education Department - which is not an executive agency - but didn't file with the Health Department."

In tweets Monday afternoon one spokesman for the governor says some of the plans may have been sent to the reopening portal for Empire State Development, which is for businesses, not schools.

Ike says he got confirmation from the education and health departments that they received Pal-Mac's plan, but he'll be happy to send it again.

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