Greece Board of Education votes to have fall sports season

Patrick Moussignac
Updated: September 23, 2020 06:47 AM
Created: September 22, 2020 11:09 PM

GREECE, N.Y. (WHEC) — Students, athletes and parents in the Greece Central School District spent most of Tuesday night waiting to find out if they will have a fall sports season.

COVID-19 concerns have many districts re-thinking high school sports.


Students and their parents got the decision they've been waiting for. The Board of Education voted seven to two in favor of having a fall sports season.

“It just means a lot because it’s my senior season so being able to play with my team one last time and be just means a lot,” Greece Athena student-athlete Angelina Soeffing said.

Greece school leaders and athletic coaches took turns making their pitch to the Board of Education, asking for their vote and approval to allow the fall sport season to start as early as next Monday. 

“I think the committee did a really good job we had quite a few intense meetings, Zoom meetings,” Jeff Jung, girls’ varsity basketball coach, said. “As President McCabe said tonight he wasn’t on board at the beginning but we kind of convinced him through the committee so I think it was a very great collaborative effort for us to pull through tonight.”

Low-risk sports such as boys and girls soccer, cross country, girl's swimming and tennis all received the green light from the board. 
COVID-19 safety guidelines were discussed during the meeting which lasted for more than three hours. 

Although some board members were on the fence with their vote, giving student-athletes the chance of a form of normalcy helped play a role in the board's approval. 

“It’s huge, absolutely huge,” Greece Athena student-athlete Dylan Rice said. “It’s been a couple of weeks of uncertainty and it feels amazing right now.”

Team practices and tryouts start on Monday, and official games start on Saturday, Oct. 10. 

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