Irondequoit dad charged with trespassing after refusing to wear a mask at baseball game |

Irondequoit dad charged with trespassing after refusing to wear a mask at baseball game

Stephanie Duprey
Updated: May 13, 2021 08:08 AM
Created: May 12, 2021 10:33 PM

IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WHEC) — Irondequoit parent Chad Hummel faced a judge Wednesday after being arrested last week for not wearing a mask at an East Ridge High School baseball game.

He's facing criminal trespassing and 90 days in jail. There were dozens of people that showed up to support him. They chanted "No more masks, no more masks" over and over. 

"Someone who has fought critical race theory at the school, someone who has fought the COVID regulations at the district, someone who has been involved in lawsuits for the school district, someone who has done all that is a target,” Hummel said. 

Hummel was arrested last week for not wearing a mask at his son's baseball game at East Ridge High School. Hummel sent a nine-page cease and desist letter to the school’s athletic director in response to the COVID-19 guidelines on masks at games. News10NBC read the documents and he basically said he was going to refuse to wear one. Outside mask mandates are a hot topic right now. County Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza says if he could rewrite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, he would take masks out completely when it comes to being outdoors.

"Except for those close conversations, those gatherings we're still a little on the fence about football games where everyone is yelling but casual settings, but I've been seeing and the evidence is there that it's more safe outside than it is indoors,” Mendoza said.

Gov. Cuomo says while the numbers are better, he's not loosening the reigns on masks any time soon.

"It takes so little, half a million people have died in the nation it takes so little to wear the mask," Cuomo said. "People say we don’t need it. Well, you don't need it until you do need it.”

News10NBC reached out to the East Irondequoit School District for comment and it said in part, "The school district adopted a policy in august 2020 as part of reopening its schools for students five days a week. This policy and plan required students, staff and visitors to wear a mask when on school grounds. This policy was reinforced by NYSDOH recent guidance which requires that masks be worn while on all New York State public school properties. The children and staff have complied with the policy all year. Mr. Hummel chose to violate the school mask policy. He was asked to wear a mask. He refused. He was asked to leave the property. He refused. The police were called to assist . The police removed him from the school property."

When we asked Hummel if he was vaccinated he declined to comment. He’s due back in court June 2.

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