Dollar Tree continuing to sell sanitizer the FDA calls potentially dangerous |

Dollar Tree continuing to sell sanitizer the FDA calls potentially dangerous

Deanna Dewberry
Updated: July 15, 2020 05:58 PM
Created: July 15, 2020 04:57 PM

(WHEC) — In consumer news, the list of dangerous hand sanitizers keeps getting longer. 

Wednesday, the FDA added eight more products to the list of sanitizers that could be potentially deadly.

The FDA says they could contain Methanol, a product that if accidentally ingested or absorbed through the skin can cause permanent blindness, seizures, and death.

One of those products is Dollar Tree's brand, Assured Instant Hand Sanitizer. And as one viewer learned, Dollar Tree is not ready to take the product off the shelves.

Hand sanitizer is hard to come by, and at Dollar Tree, it’s just a buck. So it’s easy to understand why clerks told me they have a hard time keeping it on the shelves. 

Al Seeley had bought five bottles of Dollar Tree's brand of Assured Instant Hand Sanitizer, but last week he was watching News10NBC and learned that his sanitizer could possibly make him sick. So he marched right back to dollar tree to return them.   He talked to a manager.

"I said there was a problem with these bottles, the ingredients. Channel 10 has all the investigation of it.  He wasn't too happy about that," Seeley said.

But the manager did let Seeley return his five bottles for store credit. Then to Seeley’s surprise, the manager sold one of the bottles that Seeley had just returned.

"The store manager took them in, and he also sold one right out," Seeley said.

That's because Dollar Tree disputes the FDA’s contention that the sanitizer is potentially deadly, saying its manufacturer's testing shows that it's not.

Dollar Tree is not taking the product off the shelves, but a spokesman did tell me that “out of an abundance of caution, however, further testing is being conducted to ensure the safety of the product.”

Seeley believes failing to take the product off store shelves is ridiculous.

"Just pull the product out,” said Seeley. “Pull the product off the shelves and find out.”

The FDA is standing its ground.

A representative told me consumers should dispose of any Assured hand sanitizer as hazardous waste.

And Dollar Tree may not be the only store selling potentially dangerous sanitizer.

In my investigation last week, I found bottles for sale on Amazon.

So as the FDA's list of dangerous hand sanitizer keeps getting longer. It is abundantly clear consumers must protect ourselves.

Click here to see the FDA's full list of the 67 sanitizers.

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