Good Question: Spending Memorial Day at home?

Brennan Somers
Created: May 21, 2020 06:18 AM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — We know plans for the long holiday weekend have been thrown out for so many of you, especially if you had plans to travel for a summer getaway.

So what if you're spending Memorial Day at home?


This may be the first time your family or friends have been around other people recently.

In New York, CDC guidelines state you should limit how many people you're around this holiday weekend to just 10. That’s including Memorial Day ceremonies.

What about picnics and barbecues? Is it smart to have people over that the house?

While Gov. Andrew Cuomo is allowing small gatherings of 10 people or less to take place, he emphasizes they aren't encouraged.

Dr. Emil Lesho, an infectious disease expert with Rochester Regional Health, said you just have to limit the risks, inside or outside.

“If you're in a smaller group, it's still important to maintain social distancing,” Lesho said. “Indoors it's very important to continue to wear a mask and try to stay six feet apart so the cloud of exhaled vapors that we all exude has minimum risk of reaching other people.”

As for plans to drive anywhere to see friends or family, Lesho said it's nowhere near as safe as doctors want it to be, with too many chances to get exposed.

So, it's probably still best to avoid any trips.

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