Irondequoit Soccer Club coach hosts online workouts

Rich Donnelly
Created: March 24, 2020 11:37 PM

IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WHEC) — Sporting events across the planet like the Olympics have been canceled, but we're not here to drag you down.

Our goal this week is to show you the positives that sports can provide during this difficult time and this story focuses on the idea of a Rochester resident who is helping people find exercises so their kids stay active for when sports do come back.


With schools and sports currently on hiatus, it's difficult for coaches to get in touch with athletes, and that's where Chris Joyce comes in.  

A strength and conditioning coach who works with the Irondequoit Soccer Club, Chris posts videos on Facebook of his kids going through drills.

"Try to get them moving with this,” Joyce said. “We're not spending an hour out there, just 10-15 minutes depending on the weather."

We'll let one of Chris's videos explain what he does. 

“What we’re doing here is a dot drill, so the idea is to have your feet land on every dot,” Joyce said.

"The big thing for me is just keeping routine in kids’ lives and trying to have something they work on on a daily basis to try and provide structure," Joyce said. "If we can provide a little fun while doing school at home, this is what I'm really trying to accomplish."

Chris was going to hold a speed and agility camp for kids in Irondequoit last weekend, but that was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. 

Since the kids couldn't come to his camp, he's posting the videos online and bringing the camp to kids.

"Hopefully this is a way to get out to them and help them do some of the things we would have done in that camp," Joyce said.

And so far some parents have even responded with videos of their own kids doing some of his drills.

"I don't know how long this is going to go on, maybe this is something we can do to help communities outside of Irondequoit, Webster, Chili, give parents ideas of ways to keep kids active and moving," Joyce said.

Maybe not just an idea for the kids; these drills also work for those of us who have binge-watched on the couch for more than a week.

Chris has many videos posted to the Irondequoit Soccer Club Facebook page and would like our viewers to know that if you're interested in ways on how you or your kids can stay active and ready for sports, just reach out to him through Facebook.

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