New York requiring visitors from COVID-19 hot spots to quarantine

Patrick Moussignac
Created: June 24, 2020 05:46 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — New York is joining its neighboring states and forming a travel advisory for people who are entering the region from states that have high COVID-19 infection rates.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says this is not a blockade, and he's not preventing people from coming here. He is asking people from high infection states to self-quarantine when they visit the tri-state area.


Cuomo is joined by the governors of both Connecticut and New Jersey in this joint travel advisory.

The Governors say anyone visiting from these following states with an above-average infection rate must self-quarantine under threat of a fine starting tonight at midnight. 

They include Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North and South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas. 

Cuomo says this is a uniform policy across the three states, and each one will be responsible for the enforcement of that policy within their state. What he did not address is exactly how this will be enforced.

"Yeah, you can violate the quarantine until you get caught, and then when you get caught you're in mandatory quarantine, and you're fined thousands of dollars," Cuomo said.

Cuomo went on to describe the amounts of the possible fines Two thousand for the first violation. It jumps to $5K then $10K for second, and third violations. 

Back in March, Cuomo threatened to sue the State of Rhode Island if it did not eliminate its new policy of stopping vehicles with New York license plates. Police there are allowed to pull over vehicles, and collect information. 

Rhode Island Governor Gina Rimondo put the measure in place to stop the spread coming in from New Yorkers. According to Bloomberg Rimondo said, "That risk is called New York City."

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