Rochester Regional confirms COVID-19 outbreak at Clifton Springs and DeMay Living Center |

Rochester Regional confirms COVID-19 outbreak at Clifton Springs and DeMay Living Center

Updated: May 07, 2021 05:34 PM
Created: May 07, 2021 04:06 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Rochester Regional Health Friday announced a COVID-19 outbreak at two of its nursing homes, Clifton Springs and DeMay Living Center.

Rochester Regional said 10 Clifton Springs residents and 17 DeMay Living Center residents have tested positive for the virus, and all but three of them were vaccinated. It says all but three of the vaccinated residents are asymptomatic, and one of the three unvaccinated residents is hospitalized and two of the three are showing symptoms.

"Those that have been previously vaccinated remain asymptomatic and that's a really important point that even though we believe they have a new level of infection, they remain asymptomatic," Rochester Regional Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Mayo said.

Rochester Regional hasn't traced back the source of the spread in either nursing home.

"We don't know if it was an employee or a visitor, that really is less important to me because of how difficult it is to sort that out but what is most important is the message that vaccination matters and we are encouraging our employees to get vaccinated," Mayo said.

Rochester Regional Health said the employee vaccination rates at the two nursing homes are between 30 and 35%.

Lewke — Is that what you're averaging across long-term care right now or these two particularly low for some reason?

Mayo — [It's] so important to remember that long-term care employees are tested twice a week, the general public is not tested at that rate and long-term care employees wear personal protective equipment masks face shields gloves and so forth all day so there is a difference there.

When asked how this will impact visitation at the nursing homes, VP of Operations for Long Term Care Colleen Rose gave the following answer: "If one round of outbreak testing is conducted and no new cases present themselves we can continue with indoor visitation except for those with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or if they're on transmission-based precautions."

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