Talk show host Bob Lonsberry on his and his family's bout with COVID-19 |

Talk show host Bob Lonsberry on his and his family's bout with COVID-19

Talk show host Bob Lonsberry on his and his family's bout with COVID-19

Jennifer Mobilia
Updated: November 23, 2020 07:42 PM
Created: November 23, 2020 02:03 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the Finger Lakes region, News10NBC heard from a WHAM 1180 talk show host who contracted the virus, along with his wife and their five children. 

Bob Lonsberry shared his experience and his family's experience fighting the virus and its lingering effects with News10NBC Anchor Jennifer Mobilia.

Lonsberry said it all started a few days after some Halloween events. His daughter woke up for school, not feeling well, and soon, the entire family of seven tested positive for COVID-19.

Mobilia: "First of all, how are you feeling?"

Lonsberry: "I'm on the mend. I got the COVID, I still have some symptoms, they come and go but I feel blessed we're doing O.K. My family is healthy and we're going forward."

Mobilia: "So all seven of you had it, was anyone asymptomatic, did anyone have worse symptoms than someone else?"

Lonsberry: "That was one of the things that was so interesting about this that it affected everybody differently. I think a couple of our young sons were truly asymptomatic and we all sort of went our own way, about half the people had a fever, half didn't, half had coughs and sore throats, half didn't. It manifests itself very differently in each of us and lasted over a different course of time for each of us."

Lonsberry says the symptoms were more severe in his wife, their 15-year-old son and himself.

"It was like the flu and also a very odd thing, it created like a nerve pain in my leg that's been almost frigging incapacitating. It's been a heck of a deal," Lonsberry said.

As a father, he says it's the unknown of this virus that's worrisome.

"It's a daunting watch because you don't know how it's going to end up until it does," Lonsberry said. "And you don't know if you're truly free of it until it's completely gone. And the most difficult part of it was the anxiety and concern for your loved ones."

Mobilia: "You've mentioned Halloween, we're almost to Thanksgiving. What advice do you have for people out there, because you guys are living this?"

Lonsberry: "I think as COVID is rising among us it would be pretty smart to keep your head down, holed up a little bit and not risk taking COVID to your loved ones or having them bring it to you. It would be a good Thanksgiving to stay home."

Lonsberry says the takeaway from his experience with COVID, is the virus is in charge, not you.  

He says don't blow it off, get tested and prepare now, in case you do get sick.

Mobilia: "Can you just go down kind of list off you know the rank and file of your family, you know who had kind of what symptoms?"

Lonsberry: "You bet. My wife, Amanda he had chills. She was incapacitated, a couple of days. Most of the time, she just felt miserable but hit her like the flu. She had fever she had quite a fever. My son Jack, who's 15. He had lethargy and fatigue he was just listless for like almost 10 days had no life whatsoever. Ellie, my 13-year-old girl. She likewise was a little bit like the flu, and she holed up and was just sick for a few days. She came out of it fairly quickly though she had the change in taste. She retained her taste, but everything tasted very odd to her. Then, Robbie, He didn't become ill. But he felt different. And he knew that he had it before he even got the test. But he didn't manifest in him particularly his illness. Then there are two young boys Scott and Sam and Scott was was asymptomatic and Sam was just kind of blurry-eyed for a day or two, but other than that. Fine. Then I had it. It was like flu, and also a very odd thing. It’s like neuralgia, a nerve pain in my leg. It's like almost frigging incapacitating it's just been a heck of a deal. And then I get like two weeks of the flu, those, those are basic symptoms."

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