What is essential work and what isn't? News10NBC has the list

Berkeley Brean
Updated: March 20, 2020 07:16 PM
Created: March 20, 2020 06:58 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Lately we've been getting dozens of emails daily from you asking, what is an essential job and what isn't? 

News10NBC got the list.


On the list: Health care workers, people treating people who are sick or vulnerable. 

People like Lisa Camacho, a home health care aid for more than 30 years. Her work takes her into the homes of her patients and they're all seniors. 

Camacho: “I'm scared for their health. How can we protect them if we don't have the necessary gear to protect ourselves? How are we going to be able to protect them?”

Brean: “What protective gear do you not have right now that you think you should have?”

Camacho: “I think we should have the circular that protects breathing altogether.”

Brean: “You've only got one.”

Camacho: “I have one. One.”

Lisa showed it to me. She keeps it in her car. But how is she supposed to get one when Bloomberg News reports hospitals have to make their own?

On Friday Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state will pay companies to make them and he wants the state facilities that make uniforms to make them.

Gov. Cuomo: “If you can make a uniform, why can't you make a mask?”

Click here for the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce letter detailing essential and non-essential work

Here's the list of essential employees. 

  • Any job in healthcare. 
  • Infrastructure, like power companies and the airport. 
  • Manufacturing like food and drugs. 
  • Retail like groceries and pharmacies.
  • Garbage pick up and the mail. 
  • The news media. 
  • Banks and financial institutions. 
  • People who help the poor.
  • Cleaning crews.

And anyone whose job helps the government and hospitals keep going, like childcare. 

Lisa has today off but as an essential worker, she's on the job tomorrow. 

Brean: “Are you okay with that?”

Camacho: “I'm okay with that. I am okay with that. I'll work as many hours as I possibly can. I'm trying to.”

Accounting is another essential service.

Dave Young has his name on the business Young and Company CPA.

I first talked to him when he returned from the War on Terror, he was a soldier in Afghanistan.

Now he's facing the coronavirus battle.

Brean: “What are you telling your staff right now?”

Young: “Whoever wants to work at home we give them the ability and the tools to work at home.”

Friday the IRS moved the tax deadline from April 15 to July 15. New York State follows the IRS deadline. 

Brean: “If someone filed their taxes already and they're expecting a refund should they expect that money?”

Young: “Yes. There should not be delays in the refunds. So if you filed a return a couple of weeks ago that refund should be coming right along.”

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