First Alert Weather In-Depth: How has our dry summer season affected pests?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. So far this summer season we have been dry and in need of rain. Our rainfall deficit since the beginning of 2022 has surpassed 3” and since the summer it is over 2”. With the dry weather have the pests behaved differently?

I spoke with Tim Evans, the co-founder of Swarm Pest Pros, who said, “The biggest thing we’ve noticed this year is a decrease in mosquitos or biting insects that breed with moisture. We’ve noticed a dip in that. We’ve noticed a lower bee season. I call them your stinging insects like your yellow jackets, your hornets, wasps, things of that nature.”

Tim adds that in times of dry weather the bugs will look for moisture.

“If you’re dealing with something affected by hot dry weather, obviously they are going to be looking for humidity and moisture,” Evans said. “A lot of times you will see them pop up in your basement before anywhere else. Dark, damp corners of the basement, under a work bench maybe, things like that.”

The biggest thing to deter pests from your home is to clear out stagnant water.

“Obviously don’t let water stagnate in your yard,” Evans said. “Dump your buckets out. Change your bird bath water out. If you had kid pools, obviously keep those clean. Keep the water moving so it doesn’t stagnate and bugs can breed in it.”

Evans explains the at-home remedies do work to start, but if you want a long-lasting effect, or are dealing with an infestation, call a professional.

“A lot of the stuff you get over the counter, it’ll work for what it touches, but it won’t give you a long-term control,” Evans said. “That’s where someone like myself comes in and you can get a preventive plan with someone like myself. That will go a long way in preventing pest throughout the season.”

Tim also told me that if we do get into a wetter stretch of weather that he expected the pests to quickly rebound in numbers.