Weather In-Depth: If no snow here, then where?

Weather In-Depth: Where’s all the snow?

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Getting to be that time of year. Right now, the snow is a good distance away from Rochester, but in a small amount of time Western New York will likely be a snow-covered wonderland. Consider Anchorage, Alaska, which is 3,000 miles from the Flower City and has over 20 inches of snow. This is well above normal for them during the month of November. Obviously, there is no snow on the ground here and the closest snow cover is north of Ottawa, Canada.

For November, the Rochester airport averages 8 inches of snow. We are currently only halfway through the month, and we still could make up for lost time, but so far we have seen little or no accumulation.

However, this could be a good time to get your winter weather tools ready. Check the garage and make sure you have salt for melting ice or a big snow shovel for getting the snow out of the way.  I have one of those big snow blowers, and last season I never even turned it on. I think that is going to change this year.