Programming Schedule

NEWS 10NBC is dedicated to broadcasting children’s programming that educates and informs. Each of our children’s programs are identified during the broadcast with an “E/I” symbol. This symbol indicates that the show is intended to be both educational and informative. Children’s programming reports are available in NEWS 10NBC’s public file and our program director serves as our children’s programming liaison. Teaching kids is one of the most important things we do here at NEWS 10NBC, because the more they know…the better off they’ll be.

The Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) requires broadcasters to submit Children’s Programming reports on a quarterly basis. This quarterly submission is reflected on FCC Form 398. We encourage you to view our online report and see our stations children’s programming offerings. To do so, please click the hyperlink provided below.

Click here to access our Children’s Programming Report. In order to perform this query, you will have to select the appropriate time period and identify our station’s call letters. As for time period, the FCC requires quarterly submissions every January 10, April 10, July 10 and October 10 of each year. For example, the first quarter reporting date of January 10, 2010, will cover the quarter October 2009 – December 2009. Our call letters are WHEC.

WHEC-TV offers educational and informational programming for children ages 16 and younger. WHEC children’s television programming reports are available to the public in our station’s public inspection file. For more information contact our children’s programming liaison, Karen Calarese at 585-546-5670.