Bills fans react to Damar Hamlin’s recovery

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. When Damar Hamlin went down Bills super fan Ken Johnson – known as Pinto Ron – was just like every other fan at Monday night’s game in Cincinnati – confused.

Johnson: “We were in the upper deck, and at first it was just trying to figure out who it was.”

When fans in the stands finally found out, Bills defensive back damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest after a tackle, Johnson says everyone even Bengals fans went silent.

Johnson: “Everyone was just quiet, the attitude, when we found out what was really going on is everyone just wanted to see the game end, we all stuck around and no one left the stadium.”

Johnson says players get hurt all the time – but this was different – he says it was upsetting to see CPR being given on the field like that – some of the Bills mafia’s younger fans said they broke down in tears.

Noah Ressler, Bills Fan: “When I realized what happened I just couldn’t hold myself back, this is not just about the team you’re rooting for, it’s about rooting for the health of him.”

Michael Schochat, Bills Fan: “When one person falls everyone gets back up and tries to help them.”

Janis Ressler, Bills Fan: “I feel relieved that he’s healthy and I hope he’s healthy for the rest of his life.”

Noah, Janis, and Michael were with a Bills Mafia support group in the Frontier Commons parking lot tonight – making cards for the team and Hamlin. They’ll bring those cards to Sunday’s game in Buffalo.

Johnson:”As far as a prediction for the game, I always say, I’ll never go to a game if they think they’re gonna lose, and I’m going to go.”