Crescent Map Coalition says they have concerns about county executive’s new map for voting districts

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The redistricting battle for Monroe County Legislature voting districts seems to be getting more complicated. County Executive Adam Bello released a new map on Thursday and the Crescent Map Coalition is giving its feedback.

While members of the coalition say Adam Bello’s map has some positive points, they have concerns.

Bello’s map on the left has six majority Black districts. It’s similar to a revamped map recently released by legislature president Sabrina Lamar, on the right.

Bello says his new version ensures a more effective representation of all people of color in Monroe County.

The Crescent Map Coalition Partners released a statement saying they will not “accept changes designed to hurt political enemies and help political friends in this process or blended city-suburban districts that leave city residents at a significant disadvantage.”

Lamar unveiled her new revision to the original “Crescent Map” for a map on Wednesday. The new option includes six majority Black districts. For months, Lamar had been supporting a five-district map. County Executive Adam Bello proposed his own six-district map in October.

In a statement, county legislator and long-time crescent map supporter Rachel Barnhart said: “Crescent Map 2.0 is an elegant way to address the concerns of the original version. Six districts with approximately 50% Black population each is a perfect and perfectly legal compromise.”

December 13th is the earliest the Monroe County Legislature could vote on redistricting.

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