Deputies investigate smash-and-grab in Henrietta involving stolen Kia

HENRIETTA, N.Y. — The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a couple of burglaries, one of them a smash-and-grab in Henrietta.

Deputies say that, at Mad Flavors Smoke Shop on East Henrietta Road, thieves used a stolen Kia to break through the front door and left the car running. Local leaders have raised alarms about an increase in thefts for Kia and Hyundai models because of how-to videos circulating on TikTok.

The fire department and fire marshall were called in to check the integrity of the building. Before answering that call, deputies were investigating a burglary at Joe’s Kwik Mart a few doors away on East Henrietta Road. There’s no visible damage at that business.

Deputies are asking if you have any information about either of these incidents to call 911.

In the first three months of 2023 alone, Rochester had a nearly 2,400% increase in thefts of Kias and Hyundais. The City of Rochester says it will sue the two automakers because they failed to add proper anti-theft technology, making the cars easy to hotwire with a USB cable.