Do the Right Thing: Az’Ryel broke up a fight and serves as a role model

Do the Right Thing: Az’Ryel broke up a fight

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Nine students from across Monroe County were honored for their brave actions, generosity, and good deeds for the Do the Right Thing awards.

Az’Ryel Castro, a sixth grader at Charles Carroll School No. 46, received the award for breaking up a fight between two first graders. His principal, Gina DiTullio, nominated him for being a role model to younger students. After breaking up the fight Az’Ryel explained that fighting is never the answer to resolve a conflict. He hugged them both and walked them back to class with the assistant principal.

Az’Ryel explained what it means to do the right thing.

“If you do good things, then you get good stuff. But if you do bad things, then you get bad stuff, punishment that you got to take care of,” Az’Ryel said. “I want to know, to tell all the people out there to make sure to stay out of trouble and not to get suspended in school.”

Nominations are open year-round for the Do the Right Thing Award. Any student in grades K-12 in a Monroe County school is eligible for a nomination. The good deed must have occurred within one year of the nomination. Anyone over 18 years of age can submit a nomination form including family, friends, school staff, and coaches.

The Rochester Police Department has held The Do the Right Thing awards since 1995. You can learn more about nominating a student here.