Do the Right Thing: Zavionna helped her classmate during a medical emergency

Do the Right Thing: Zavionna Radcliff

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Zavionna Radcliff, a sophomore at Rochester Early College International High School, is one of this year’s recipients of the Do the Right Thing awards, which honors students for their brave actions, generosity, and good deeds.

Zavionna was nominated by her school social worker. Back in November, Zavionna and her friend Nyla jumped into action when a classmate was experiencing a medical emergency.

They called the school administrators who then called school medical staff. Nyla and Zavionna helped prevent their classmate from having a worse outcome by getting help quickly.

“It was a very hard time. I cried when I got home and everything,” Zavionna said. “I did my best I can. When she got to school, we talked, we cried, and it was just like ‘yes’. It don’t matter how hard you think it is, just go for it. Just take a deep breath.”

Nominations are open year-round for the Do the Right Thing Award. Any student in grades K-12 in a Monroe County school is eligible for a nomination. The good deed must have occurred within one year of the nomination. Anyone over 18 years of age can submit a nomination form including family, friends, school staff, and coaches.

The Rochester Police Department has held The Do the Right Thing awards since 1995. You can learn more about nominating a student here.