Event at Rochester Central Library aims to help people recover unclaimed funds

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — New York State is encouraging residents to collect their unclaimed funds, including in the Rochester area.

The Comptroller’s Office says it’s holding 46 million unclaimed funds accounts, valued at $17.5 billion as of March. Currently, it’s returning $1.5 million in lost money to state residents every day.

Members of the Comptroller’s Office are holding community events to help people to determine if they have unclaimed funds. That includes workshops at the Rochester Central Library on South Avenue, starting March 1. Here are the dates for the event:

  • March 3, Friday. 9:30AM-2PM
  • March 8, Wed. 9:30AM-2PM
  • March 22, Wed. 9:30AM-2PM

The Comptroller’s Office says the unclaimed funds often come from utility deposits, trust funds, old bank accounts, uncashed checks, old investment accounts, insurance claims, stocks, and other inactive accounts that have remained dormant for several years. The Comptroller’s Office has traced lost money from accounts that date back several decades.

You can search for unclaimed funds here or by calling 1-800-221-9311.