First Alert Weather In-Depth: A forgetful winter

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — We have talked a bunch about it this winter, and we are going to talk about it again. The topic we are talking about is the lack of snow we have seen.

It isn’t just this year either as this is back-to-back years in which winter has been forgetful for those who enjoy it. So far this winter season, we have seen 45.4 inches of snow. If it was January it would be reasonable for that time of year, however this far into the season we usually have had 94.2 inches of snow.

We are currently four feet below normal with no signs to make up that deficit. Last year wasn’t much better, as we only totaled up 49.4 inches of snow around this time. The winter of 2022-23 ended up with 50.4 inches of snow which is currently the sixth least snowiest season on record for Rochester since 1926 (excluding 2023-24). With this year’s winter totaling less than that, we are currently in third place for least snowiest seasons in Rochester.

We do have snow in the forecast through this weekend, but time is running out to make up for that deficit.

Current Top 10 Least Snowiest Season’s for Rochester, NY (As of March 19, 2024)

1)            1932-33: 29.2”

2)            1952-53: 41.7”

3)            2023-24: 45.4”

4)            1943-44: 46.1”

5)            1945-46: 49.5”

6)            1934-35: 49.5”

7)            2022-23: 50.4”

8)            1948-49: 50.9”

9)            1939-40: 54.5”

10)         1937-38: 54.7”