Football teammates to face off in East-WOIS basketball game

Football teammates to face off on basketball court

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East Eagles quarterback Zymier Jackson was disappointed they came up two wins short of a state championship. But now it’s basketball season, and one of his teammates thinks their chemistry will carry over to the court.

“That’s my QB. I block for him. I put in a lot of pain for him and time. So we got that connection already. When we get on the basketball court it’s just gonna spark,” said junior Femi Koumassou, who plays for East.

East opens the season on Thursday against – you guessed it – World of Inquiry (School 58).

Also on that East football team are a couple of kids on the School 58 basketball team. They’re trying to see if they can come home with the win. 

“It’s about who gonna win at the end of the day. It’s all love for them, though,” said sophomore Junayde Richardson, who plays for School 58.

So it begs the question – what’s the trash talk gonna be like?

“I can’t tell you what the trash talk is gonna be like, but I hope they play physical, I expect that out of them, and Imma try to play just as physical them, work as hard as them too,” said junior Ja’Zaree Willis, who plays for School 58.

Koumassou: “Trash talk ’bout to be crazy man. I know they gonna say a lot of stuff to try to get under our skin.”

But the talk, is reserved for the court. Once they leave the hardwood, their friendships remain the same – and even get stronger.

“It’s dope to have these bonds and the brotherhood that we created over time, and it’s just dope to be around them,” said Zymier Jackson, who plays for School 58.

“Zy that’s my bro. I love you bro. Zy, Femi, all of them, we all contribute with each other. We’re all brothers,” said Richardson.

Brothers may fight – but at the end of the day, they remain brothers.