Gas prices jump in Rochester area and nationally

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Gas prices in Rochester have jumped by nine cents and even more nationally, according to AAA.

On Monday, Rochester’s average gas price hit $3.76 per gallon, nine cents greater than last week. Before that, Rochester’s gas price remained unchanged for three weeks.

Meanwhile, the national average landed $3.80 per gallon, 16 cents greater than last week. The week before that, the national average rose by three cents.

AAA says gas prices dramatically jumped because oil prices rose by 15% in July. In addition, extreme heat in several parts of the country has resulted in lower production volumes at several oil refineries.

Rochester’s average gas price is just below the state’s average, which hit $3.82 per gallon after a 12 cent increase. Watertown had the most expensive gas price in upstate New York at $3.85 per gallon. Meanwhile, Batavia took the prize of the cheapest gas price at $3.71 per gallon.

The cheapest gas station in Rochester on Sunday was $3.55 per gallon while the most expensive was 44 cents higher, found a GasBuddy’s survey. You can find the cheapest local stations through a link to GasBuddy.

You can explore gas price trends on the website for AAA.