Good Question: How did Mileage Master Center in Penfield get its name?

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PENFIELD, N.Y. — If you’re someone who spends a lot of time grilling during the summertime, you might be familiar with the family-owned propane and grill retailer in Penfield called Mileage Master Center.

Why does the grill supplier have “mileage” in its name? Bruce wants to know: “Why is the store that sells Weber grills, propane, etc. on [Browncroft Boulevard] called Mileage Master Center?

The store has an interesting history, rooted in alternative fuel for cars, says owner Carol Peath.

“In 1980, my father actually started the business, converting vehicles to run on propane,” Peath said. “At that point, propane was actually dirt cheap. Mileage on a vehicle isn’t as good with propane as it is with gasoline but it’s a cleaner-burning fuel.”

That lasted for about five years. Peath says taxes on propane then changed and so did the business model.

“My father got into a lot of providing propane for builders for a lot of the construction that got done in the city in the 80s and 90s. He provided propane for a lot of the festivals,” she said.

Today, the store sells everything you need to be a grill master. With all the changes to the business over its 43 years, here’s why Peath kept the name.

“It’s a tough call but like I said, a lot of people know us and knew us from years ago, so it’s like we’ve just stuck with it,” she said.

Another thing that has stayed the same throughout the business’ history is the large propane tank in the parking lot. There’s also a small garage right next door to Mileage Master Center. That garage used to be the business’ home before it moved into the bigger building in 1995.

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