Good Question: What are crews working on at I-390 near the Ridge Road exit?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — What are crews working on at the stretch of I-390 that’s lined with orange traffic cones and signs? It’s between the Ridge Road exit and Lyell Avenue.

The New York State Department of Transportation says crews have worked on a highway and bridge rehabilitation project in Gates and Greece since spring 2022. The project focuses on the six bridges over Weiland Road, Latona Road, and Lexington Avenue.

“It’s an $18 million project so a pretty sizeable investment for us here at DOT,” said NYSDOT public information officer Joe Leatherstich.

The project includes new bridge decks, which the DOT says will reduce cracking and extend the bridge’s lifespan.

“The top of the bridge literally comes off and then they put it, they redesign it in a new more modern way and put it back on using more modern materials,” Leatherstich said.

Perhaps the most noticeable improvement for drivers will be smoother, re-paved blacktop between Lexington Avenue and Ridge Road.

“Obviously, people are noticing it right now but we view it as a short-term problem for a very, very long-term benefit,” Leatherstich said.

For a timeline, the DOT says there will be a pause in construction during the winter months and work will pick back up again in the spring.

Next spring, crews will re-pave the roads and most of that will happen at night. The work is on-track and should be totally done before next summer.

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