Good Question: Why does the East Rochester Wegmans look different?

Good Question: Why does the East Rochester Wegmans look different?

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EAST ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Your next trip for groceries in East Rochester could double as a trip down memory lane. Why does the East Rochester Wegmans look so different from the rest?

John wants to know: “Why does the Wegmans store on Fairport Road have the same exterior signage (for decades) while all the other stores have been updated numerous times through the years?”

Go to almost any Wegmans location and you’ll see signs with the same familiar lettering you’ll find on many of their products. But the sign that John is asking about at the East Rochester location harkens back to a different era.

This store on Fairport Road opened in 1958. According to Wegmans’ website, it’s the grocery chain’s smallest store.

So why not update the sign? A spokesperson for the company says that Wegmans felt the retro signage better fit the look of the building. The mid-century modern style of the letters and the building are a nod to the past, living on in the present.

After more than 100 years in business, Wegmans now has more than 110 stores along the east coast. The one in East Rochester is the only store with that unique retro signage.

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