Good Question: Why isn’t anyone living in the new Chili Paul Place apartments?

Why isn’t anyone living in the new Chili Paul Place apartments?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Why isn’t anyone living in the Chili Paul Place apartments, which went up next to the Wegmans off Chili Avenue and Paul Road more than a year ago?

Mary Anne writes: “I am curious about the new apartments built in Chili near Wegmans and Paul Road. They have been vacant for at least two years, maybe more. With all the people looking for housing, why haven’t they opened?”

The complex, consisting of three buildings owned by Midland Management, began construction over two years ago. The reason for the delay in occupancy has been identified as the absence of a certificate of occupancy, a crucial step before tenants can move in.

Jeffrey Levinson, the president of Midland Management, provided insights into the situation. He anticipates that the certificate of occupancy for one of the buildings, located at 200 Mulcahy Boulevard, will be issued by June 1.

This particular building boasts dozens of residential units over nine commercial spaces on the ground floor. Following the opening of the 200 building, the adjacent buildings at 100 and 300 Mulcahy Boulevard are expected to welcome occupants.

Notably, the 300 building will mirror the 200 building in design, whereas the 100 building is designated for people 55 and older, featuring accessible amenities and electric vehicle charging stations.

Levinson attributed the delays in obtaining a certificate of occupancy to supply chain issues and complications with subcontractors. These challenges have postponed the launch of these eagerly awaited housing options.

As the community awaits the opening of the Chili Paul Place apartments, the anticipation highlights the pressing need for new housing solutions in the area. The completion of these buildings is expected not only to provide modern living spaces but also to contribute positively to the local housing market, addressing some of the demand concerns raised by residents like Mary Ann.

The owner of Chili Paul Place just launched a new website where you can see photos of the different types of units.

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