Primary results for Monroe County: Biden gets 92% of votes; Trump gets 75% of votes

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump, who have already secured the nominations for their respective parties, are also the projected winners of the New York State Presidential Primary on Tuesday.

Out of New York Democrats who voted in the primary, 91.5% voted for Biden. In Monroe County, 92% voted for Biden. You can see a breakdown of votes by county on NBC News’ website.

Out of New York Republicans who voted in the primary, 82% voted for Trump, followed by 13% for Nikki Haley who has already ended her presidential campaign. In Monroe County, 74.5% voted for Trump and 19% voted for Haley.

According to the Monroe County Board of Elections, the county’s voter turnout for the primary was only 6.2% for Democrats and only 6.8% for Republicans. That includes the votes on Tuesday’s election day and the seven days of early voting. In total, just under 12,400 Democrats voted compared to just under 8,800 for Republicans in Monroe County.

The presidential election will take place Tuesday, Nov. 5. Because Biden and Trump have already secured their respective nominations in the primaries, they will face each other on the ballot, a rematch of the 2020 presidential election.

Here is the breakdown of the voter turnout from the Monroe County Board of Elections: