NY State launches program to warn people about unregulated cannabis

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York State is launching a program to warn people of the dangers of buying unlicensed cannabis products.

The state’s website says that products sold at licensed cannabis dispensaries must go through lab tests for safety. For unlicensed products, there’s no guarantee they were tested and they may contain harmful chemicals.

The “Why Buy Legal New York” campaign began days ahead of 4/20, a day to celebrate marijuana. It has three pillars, protecting public health, promoting social equity, and community reinvestment.

Through the program, the state is reminding people about the Dispensary Verification Tool, a QR code that consumers can scan to verify that a dispensary is licensed through the state’s Office of Cannabis Management. You can learn more about safely using cannabis here.

“We are excited to launch this campaign to promote safe and legal purchases of cannabis in New York,” said Tremaine Wright, Chairwoman of the Cannabis Control Board. “By supporting licensed dispensaries, consumers can be confident that they are getting safe and accurately labeled products while supporting their local communities.”

Earlier in April, the state approved 99 dispensaries.