NYS Canal Corp to use new plan to address embankment infrastructure

ROCHESTER, N.Y. The New York State Canal Corporation will be using a new plan to address embankment infrastructure.

The Canal Corp has designed the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program, which will emphasize preserving vegetation and trees and community character. Earthen embankments make up about 130 of the 524 miles of the New York State Canal System with the majority being here in Monroe County.

The new program will avoid the clear-cutting of trees, which led to a backlash in 2017 and 2018 in Brockport and Albion.

“This is an environmental and legal review process that we have undertaken these last couple years to design a maintenance program for earthen embankments across the state’s canal system,” said Shane Mahar, public information officer for the NYS Canal Corporation. “To preserve them, to protect them, and to make sure they remain structurally sound and safe while preserving community character.”

Before the plan can fully go into effect, the Canal Corp will hold community information sessions to answer any questions.