Two men face weapons charges after SWAT team investigation in Greece

Two face weapons charges in Greece

Two face weapons charges in Greece

GREECE, N.Y. — Two men are charged with illegal possession of a weapon after a Greece Police and SWAT team investigation were involved in a “high risk” search of a home on Alcott Road.

SWAT officers arrested Jeffrey Schirtz, 33, and Christian Marshmon, 19, after searching the home on Tuesday morning. Greece Police say they recovered an illegal handgun. Both men were arraigned in Greece Town Court and taken to the Monroe County Jail.

We saw SWAT teams going in and out of the house early Tuesday morning. Neighbors say this house has been problematic for a very long time.

Driving down Alcott Street, the house certainly sticks out, with the phrases “Beware” and “Enter if you dare” posted on the window.

On Wednesday, family members and neighbors were clearing the house out, carrying boxes to the curb.

One of them — Stacie Schwager, cousin to Schirtz, says he lived in the home with their grandmother, who owned the property. She said the grandmother was subjected to manipulation and scary behavior.

“I found out on Google that SWAT came in yesterday and busted down the door — and now I’m here to help my grandma. My grandma doesn’t like to accept help,” Schwager said.

Eriketa Cost: “is she okay?”

Stacie Schwager: “She’s okay, she’s in good spirits. I don’t talk to my cousin very much; we don’t have a relationship, really. It’s more, I’m here for my grandma.”

The investigation shut down Alcott Road on Tuesday morning.