President Biden delivers $6.1 billion funding promise in Syracuse

Biden speaks in Syracuse about Micron plant

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. — In a significant development for the Central New York economy, President Biden visited Syracuse to deliver a $6.1 billion funding promise for the construction of the massive Micron semiconductor plant located just outside the city.

The investment kickstarts a $100 billion project that aims to transform an empty field in Clay, New York, into a state-of-the-art facility. It’s expected to make an impact on the local and national economy. Biden made the funding announcement in an atmosphere of both protest and support.

Protestors gathered behind barricades in the city’s Armory Square, expressing their concerns over the conditions in Gaza due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

However, inside the Science Museum, where the announcement took place, the mood was markedly different, with a friendly crowd gathered to hear President Biden’s commitment to the project.

The envisioned facility in Clay represents a major step toward bolstering the nation’s semiconductor manufacturing capabilities. After the event, discussions with key figures such as the head of New York’s Empire State Development continued to explore the significance of this investment for local communities.

In-Depth: A significant economic boom is on the horizon for Rochester, thanks to a massive $100 billion investment in a new facility in Syracuse, as detailed by News10NBC’s investigative reporter Jennifer Lewke in an exclusive interview with the White House Chief of the Chips Office, Mike Schmidt.

The upcoming development, spanning the size of 40 football fields, is poised to not only enhance the economic landscape of Syracuse but also promises to have a considerable ripple effect across the region, including Rochester. Mike Schmidt emphasized the broad spectrum of economic activities the investment will generate, from material and equipment suppliers to service providers catering to the facility’s needs.

“This investment will encompass $100 billion over the next 20 years. The facility will cover the span of 40 football fields. To operate a facility like that just requires a huge amount of economic activity,” Schmidt explained. He added the strategic importance of Rochester’s university systems in contributing to the success of this monumental project in Upstate New York.

Schmidt assured that the federal funds allocated for this venture would be disbursed responsibly. “No money actually goes out the door until milestones are met,” he stated, indicating a structured approach to ensuring that the investment’s objectives are achieved efficiently.

This project underpins the federal government’s commitment to enhancing the technological infrastructure and economic vitality of Upstate New York, leveraging the region’s educational resources and industrial capabilities.

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