Rochester Eclipse: How businesses are preparing for impacts on employees

Rochester Eclipse: How businesses are preparing for impacts on employees

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The eclipse ends for us at 4:33 p.m. That’s the end of the workday for many. So how are businesses preparing for the impacts the eclipse could have on their employees?

News10NBC’s Marsha Augustin spoke to a business and the Monroe County Eclipse Task Force.

Could you imagine the driving nightmare, with hundreds of thousands of people expected to be in the area? Marsha spoke to leaders at one business who say they’ve decided to cut their employees some slack.

Visit Rochester expects between 300,000 and 500,000 people will come to the greater Rochester area on April 8 for the total solar eclipse — creating some transportation and public safety concerns.

So, some workplaces are preparing to give their employees the day off to avoid dealing with the congestion the eclipse is sure to bring. Robert Burns with Sunnking in Brockport says it’s best to have employees not to come to work on that day.

They’ve come up with a solution: to give their staff, the day off with pay and they won’t have to use a vacation day.

“We have decided instead of doing Monday through Thursday, we are going to push all of our teams to work Tuesday through Friday, really because of the consequences of an eclipse going over your town,” says Burns. “So one: they just have to shift over their week days. But two: they get to enjoy it themselves without I having to be at work at a certain hour or have to be home at a certain hour.”

Debra Ross with the Monroe County Eclipse Task Force has some other ideas for businesses if they are unable to give employees the day off. 

“Suppose you can’t give them the day off, with fondness for the rest of their lives>

Just a little creativity will go along way. Debra also suggests giving your employees the option to work remotely.