RPD announces four arrests including in two shootings

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Rochester Police on Monday announced four arrests including in a shooting on Beachwood Street in May and Green Knolls Drive in July.

Beechwood Street:

Two people are charged with shooting a man after he parked a car in front of their house on Beechwood Street on May 30. Rochester Police say the people inside the home demanded that the man move his car, which led to them shooting the man multiple times.

Officers learned about the shooting while responding to car crash around Beechwood Street and East Main Street. They found the gunshot victim on nearby Fraser Street, performed life-saving measures, and the man was taken to Strong Hospital. He survived after treatment.

Investigators determined that the man was shot outside the house on Beechwood Street and struck a parked car while fleeing the area. The investigation identified Peter Travis-Zenon, 53, and Jonathan Baez-Naravaez, 36, as responsible for the shooting.

U.S. Marshals arrested Travis-Zenon for the shooting while he was leaving his house on Beechwood Street on July 27. Then, marshals arrested Baez-Naravaez on Clifford Avenue on Aug. 4.

Both were taken to Monroe County Jail and were charged with assault. In addition, Travis-Zenon is charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Green Knolls Drive:

A person is charged with shooting a 23-year-old man on Green Knolls Drive on July 28. Rochester Police say the man was shot during an argument at the entrance to an apartment building.

Officers found the gunshot victim and he was rushed to Strong Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

After an investigation, 28-year-old Michael Taylor was arrested on Lyell Avenue on Aug. 4. He was taken to Monroe County Jail and is charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Garson Avenue:

Rochester Police arrested a man for firing shots on Garson Avenue and Culver Road on Aug. 4.

Officers responded to the area just after 8 p.m. after getting a report of a man walking around with a handgun and shots being fired. Officers say the bullets didn’t hit anything.

Officers found a suspect a couple blocks away on Garson Avenue near Fraser Street. Officers say the suspect, 34-year-old Darius Penn, ran and was arrested after a foot chase. RPD says Penn had a 9mm handgun with a defaced serial number in his underwear.

Penn was taken to Monroe County Jail. He is charged with criminal possession of a weapon.