School of the Arts students busy studying about total solar eclipse

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Like many of us adults, students are ecstatic about the total solar eclipse and are counting down the days until April 8th.

School of the Arts Earth science teacher LaToya Padilla says her students have been studying how a solar eclipse works even before Rochester was projected to be in the path of totality.

Watch: In the Path of Totality

She says it has made her students more interested in learning.

“This is great because we do study solar eclipses and so now they can actually experience one, because most of the time when we learn about them they don’t actually get to see it. So we have been learning how the sun and earth will be in position for the solar eclipse and we’ve been learning how often that happens and why it doesn’t happen every month and the moon phases that are associated with it,” she said.

Padilla says the Rochester City School District will be providing eclipse glasses for all students. She says they are excited and have been talking about the eclipse for weeks and sharing what they learn in school with their families.