Some residents on the fence about possible red-light cameras in Canandaigua

Red-light cameras could come to Canandaigua

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CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. — The Canandaigua City Council unanimously passed a resolution asking the State for permission for the City to install red-light cameras.

Neighbors say they’re skeptical of the real reason behind the push to install the cameras.

“There’s not too much. We don’t have a lot of traffic, really. We don’t have a lot of crime. I don’t think it’s necessary for that,” says Canandaigua resident Brenden Shay.

Shay has lived in Canandaigua for 23 years and says he sees no point in installing red-light cameras.

“Seeing the way the town is going, I’d see it as a little bit of a money grab. It’s a vacation spot for a lot of people here. I’d say it’s definitely more of a money grab though,” said Shay.

But that’s counter to what Canandaigua City Council Member Doug Merrill believes. During last month’s meeting, Merrill argued it’s a public safety issue.

“We have investigated this, or we will investigate this carefully, because there is some real indication that this could save lives in the future and not just generate revenue,” Merrill said.

Even if the State grants home rule approval, the City is not obligated to install the cameras and City Manager John Goodwin says that no matter what happens, more research will be done.

“There will be thorough traffic studies,” explained Goodwin. “Those traffic studies aren’t free unless you have that authority. And there is a real possibility of it happening.”

While there is no firm timeline on when the State will address the legislation, neighbors like Gabriela Pauly say there shouldn’t be any rush to install the cameras.

“We don’t get a lot of traffic, like, really at all. “It’s like a very calm town. There’s not a lot of accidents you see around here or anything like that,” she said.