Susan B. Anthony honored with wreath and violets

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The Susan B. Anthony House honored the life and legacy of the suffrage leader on Monday.

Susan B. Anthony died 117 years ago in 1906. Staff at the Susan B. Anthony House placed a wreath of violets on the front door of the home and museum to celebrate the impact she had on Rochester and the women’s movement.

“So the significance of the wreath is that was the one thing that she asked for that, we hang a wreath of purple violets,” said Allison Hinman, deputy director of the Susan B. Anthony House. “But she really didn’t want people to be sad, she wanted people to carry on with the work that she whole heartedly believed in and hoped to see in our future. …We have really wonderful supporters that really believe in the mission of the organization and believe that Susan B. Anthony’s work isn’t done and help carry on the work and her legacy.”

10,000 mourners attended Anthony’s memorial service here in Rochester more than 100 years ago. 2023 marks 150 years since the criminal trial of Anthony casting her vote in the 1872 election.