Caught on camera: Chaos at crash scene in Rochester

Reckless drivers come dangerously close to crash scene

Reckless drivers come dangerously close to crash scene

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Two KIAs and two Hyundais drove through a crowd of people and police Tuesday night.

The crowd and cops were there because of the crash of a car the State Police were chasing. The crash was on Reynolds Street. As the police investigated and the crowd watched, four cars came barreling through.

The crowd and police were here at the corner of Reynolds Street and Columbia Avenue. The four cars you’ll see in the video came plowing through, swerve up onto the sidewalk, and come dangerously close to people and people at the scene of the crash.

One young person was hanging out of the passenger window as the cars sped off in a slalom down the street. They came so close to one trooper, he pulled his gun and point it at one of the cars. The property they drove on belongs to Marvin Williams Junior who describes what he saw.

“The police cars had one side of the street blocked off over here. And there was a police car right here, like, in a 45 degree angle that blocked them,” says Williams. “So they drove up my driveway, across the grass — you can still see the tire tracks — across the grass down there and then out that drive way behind that pole. It was so disrespectful. I think our mayor should change the law or do something, because the police officers say they can’t chase them.

RPD and State Police are allowed to chase under certain circumstances, especially if the person they’re chasing is suspected of committing a felony. And it was a state police chase that ended in the crash. RPD met Wednesday and say they’re looking for the people in the cars.