Gov. Hochul announces $10 million to revitalize downtown Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. —  Gov. Kathy Hochul was in Rochester on Monday to announce $10 million in funding to revitalize downtown, including Main Street and Clinton Avenue.

Hochul said the investment is focused on creating a “sense of place” throughout downtown. The project will include adding affordable housing, a hotel, commercial spaces, and restoring historic buildings.

Hochul says the initiative is much needed for the downtown area where people live, work, and play.

The plan, which seeks to revitalize a neglected section of downtown, also includes turning a now empty building between Clinton Avenue and St. Paul Street into a boutique hotel.

Mayor Malik Evans said improving the run-down areas of Main and Clinton will help to address “a gaping hole” in the city where people live, work, and play.

The investments are part of the governor’s ongoing efforts to revitalize the economy and create more opportunities within the Finger Lakes region. The five projects part of the investment are:

Transforming the Main and Clinton Corner – Award: $4,000,000

Redevelop four, historic mixed-use buildings that have been a blight on the urban landscape for nearly four decades. This is an extensive historic renovation that will also strive for carbon neutrality and will create middle-income housing units and modern storefronts on a prominent corner of Downtown.

Redeveloping the Historic Edwards Building – Award: $1,750,000

Combine a certified historic rehabilitation of the long vacant Edwards Building with the creation of a district geothermal cooperative under the adjacent parking lot. A total of approximately 114 new housing units and ground floor commercial space will be added.

Developing Alta Vista – Award: $1,385,000

Construct an approximately 6-story, 76-unit mixed-income building on four vacant lots in Downtown Rochester. The project includes supportive housing units for survivors of domestic violence and space for the Landmark Society of Western New York. This project will also make improvements to the adjacent St. Joseph’s Park. New lighting, pathways, and structural improvements will enhance this public and outdoor event space.

Constructing Main Street Commons – Award: $1,300,000

Create a new outdoor public space in the heart of Downtown and improve pedestrian connections between St. Paul Street and Clinton Avenue. This project will divide the existing 600-foot-long superblock into two more walkable urban block lengths.

Creating the Kresge Building Hotel – Award $1,265,000

Redevelop the three-story Kresge building into an approximately 28-room boutique hotel with anchor food and beverage establishments on the ground floor facing Main Street, Division Street, and the proposed Main Street Commons.

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