AWW: Vermont kids name snowplows |

AWW: Vermont kids name snowplows

Created: November 18, 2021 11:38 PM

BURLINGTON, Vt. (NBCNC) — Snowplows in the fleet of the Vermont Agency of Transportation have been re-named by students from schools across the state.

The plows in the fleet visited children at schools across the state so the kids could see their school names on the heavy machinery.

Each plow was re-named for schools, which are now on the sides of the vehicles, along with creative nicknames for the plows the students came up with and voted on, like "Obi-Wan Ken Snowbi" the name chosen by the students at Orchard School in south Burlington.

From Middlebury's Bridge School came "Plowy McPlowface".

Bakersfield Elementary and Middle schoolers got to meet "Jennifer Snowpez" and the plows' finger-licking orange color had kids at Charleston Elementary School dubbing their plow "Dorito".

It turns out the star wars theme was very popular - other "star wars"-themed plows include: "Baby Snowda", "Darth Blader" and the similar "Snowbegone Kenobi". They were all suggestions from other communities that ended up on plows.

May the force be with them all during each and every snowstorm.

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