400 SUNY Geneseo students get COVID-19 vaccine, urging others to do the same

Created: April 12, 2021 06:39 PM

MOUNT MORRIS, N.Y. (WHEC) — "We couldn't have done this with the department of health it has been such a well-oiled machine since we've gotten here students have been coming in and out there's been no issues,” SUNY Geneseo Principal of Student Health Megan Syfrett said.

For the first clinic of its kind, 400 SUNY Geneseo students lined up to get their shots. 

“It just really shows us that they're really about One Knight and they're just about making sure they're there for one another,” Syfrett said.

The Livingston County Department of Health joined the college in delivering the Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine. Next time it'll go straight to campuses.

“That’s great we hope they can supply each of the SUNY schools with the vaccine so they can start to inoculate their populations," Syfrett said.

As is often the case, supply is a concern, especially after the recent issue with Johnson & Johnson.

“Our challenge moving forward is knowing how much we're going to get each week which is kind of the SUNY’s challenge right now,” Livingston County Deputy County Administrator Bill Mann said. “They want to get going they just don't know when or if they'll be able to get it."

Mann said in Livingston County as a whole, about 20,000 have been vaccinated and in a survey sent to students, 80% of them say they wanted the vaccine hoping to put do their part and put an end to the pandemic.

“It’s just really important because we can all feel a lot safer together and not feel like we're going to get sick and you know get our family members sick,” senior Josh Yanuck said. 

Yanuck was one of the 400 signed up for the clinic.

“It was really easy, real simple and smooth it just took me 10 minutes to go through and I had to wait the 15 minutes,” Yanuck said. 

Students said they were eager to get it.

"I just felt like it's really like responsible that's how I’ve been thinking about it. It's the nicest thing I can do and I feel like it can eliminate the most risk to friends and family,” junior Kayla Eyler said.

In a statement from SUNY, they said in part "We firmly believe the vast majority will choose to get vaccinated without any requirement in place."

“I think everyone has a responsibility to do their part during this time and also I got COVID back in November and it was not fun to say the least,” junior Patricia Figueroa said.

While the vaccine is not currently required at SUNY schools, those at the clinic said they're ready to get back to what school used to be and have some sense of normalcy back in their routine.

“We’re so sick of this pandemic and we're so willing to do anything to get it out and be around our friends and family and be safe and happy again and that's what I’m excited for,” Eyler said. 

As of now, SUNY schools are not requiring students to be vaccinated but say they will continue to work closely with SUNY stakeholders, health officials, and other colleges and universities to make a final decision.

Livingston County’s Public Health Director Jennifer Rodriguez said they plan on holding another clinic in a few weeks, but it all depends on vaccine supply.

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